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We have reached a commercial agreement with our supplier of probiotics, enzymes, essential oils, and other micro-ingredients, South Florida Farming FloridaFram S.A. This ensures that our shrimp post-larvae customers have access to these products at the same price we have achieved through bulk purchasing

SFF probioticos

Sustainable shrimp farming.

At RAS GENIACUA, we do not use antibiotics, prohibited or unauthorized substances by control agencies, we cultivate shrimp post larvae with beneficial microorganisms, reliable and high concentration bioremediators (10+E11 cfu/g).

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Probiotics and bioremediation in food

We add probiotics to the diets to colonize the digestive tract of the post-larvae when they feed, protecting them against opportunistic pathogens and ensuring they grow strong and healthy.


We incorporate into the cultivation water bioremediators consisting of organic matter-degrading bacteria and enzymes of proven quality and high concentration (10+E11 cfu/g)

sff probioticos

Efficiency in the elimination of organic matter.

Our cultivation system enables the automatic and rapid removal of settled solids or organic matter through the central siphon of the production tanks every 2 hours. However, for the biosecurity of the system and the health of the post-larvae, we use more than sufficient amounts of efficient microorganisms to eliminate organic matter, preventing the production of ammonia and nitrites.

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Essential Oils

We have incorporated SFF IG Premix® into the diets of our post-larvae, a blend of 100% pure essential oils guaranteeing a minimum of 85% active ingredients. These oils possess bacteriostatic, fungicidal, viricidal, and stimulant properties.


Essential oils are crucial aromatic components of herbs and spices, serving as natural alternatives to antibiotics for growth promotion and improved production parameters. The results obtained with the use of essential oils and other natural products as performance enhancers are of great significance in animal production

SFF IG premix

Benefits of using essential oils.

  • Antimicrobial, antifungal, antiparasitic and antiviral properties.

  • Natural growth promoter.    

  • Stimulate appetite.    

  • Many essential oils stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms and limit the number of pathogenic bacteria in poultry and pigs.    

  • Improve the secretion of enzymes related to food digestion.    

  • Improves the activation of the immune response.

  • High efficacy in the control of Salmonella.    

  • Effective against gastrointestinal parasitism.    

  • Oregano and thymol oil has anticoccidial action against E. tenella and Eimeria spp.

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