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Innovating the shrimp industry

Experience since 1975

We open doors once again...

Garnele, makes a difference in shrimp post-larvae cultivation.

RAS Geniacua, our newly renovated aquaculture center, boasts state-of-the-art technologies. Located at Km 18, Vía a Balosa, Guarumal, El Oro, it operates on a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). With a focus on quality inputs and cutting-edge technology, we achieve high-performing organisms.


This ensures excellent water quality, stable control of oxygen, temperature, and other physicochemical parameters. Our design and infrastructure enhance efficiency in feeding and input application, fostering synergy through constant recirculation in production tanks, maintaining a clean and balanced environment.

Trabajos quimicos


Wyldox is a comprehensive solution for all disinfection, water treatment, and biosecurity needs in the agricultural, aquaculture, livestock, and food industries.


It is an ultrapure synergistic combination of oxygen compounds developed after years of research and development in India to combat microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa

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About us

About Us

Garnele is a family-owned company, with founders boasting experience since 1975 in the shrimp industry. Enrique Martínez González, a natural-born entrepreneur and visionary, initiated shrimp cultivation in the El Oro Province in that year.


Over time, the Martinez family has consolidated ideas, seeking solutions for efficient production. The company's competitive advantage stems from extensive experience in the shrimp industry, spanning selection of breeders, production of nauplii and larvae, cultivation in pre-grow-out and grow-out ponds, local and international shrimp marketing, cyclically engaging in the business.


Garnele ensures that the key to productivity and profitability in shrimp cultivation begins with careful genetic selection of nauplii and larval production during the larviculture phase. This is where our company plays a crucial role for our shrimp farming friends and clients, providing them with high-quality shrimp post-larvae.

Holger Martinez N.

CEO, Garnele 

Our services

We are committed to innovating processes, and we take pride in the continuous advancements achieved through our RAS aquaculture center. We advocate for the use of Wyldox as a safe and harmless biocide for water disinfection, work implements, and even in agricultural applications. We collaborate in the placement and marketing of shrimp produced by our larval customers on their farms, ensuring a 100% secure payment mechanism and good processing conditions and prices.

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