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International Certifications

These certifications demonstrate the commitment ofWyldox and Garnele Civil Society with excellence and continuous improvement of its processes, which

ensures quality service to its customers.


National Science Foundation

The NSF mark is assurance that a product has been tested by a trusted independent certification organization. 


It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, vendors, retailers, and regulatory bodies around the world.


Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

All food business owners

in India they must be registered with FSSAl. 

The FSSAI registration guarantees that food is subject to rigorous quality requirements, identifying

incidents of adulteration and products of

inferior quality.

WYLDOX has been certified as food grade licensed by the Ministry of India, to be used in food: fruits, carcasses, vegetables, water.


National Agency for the Administration and Control of Food and Drugs

It is a Nigerian body tasked with protecting the public health of citizens, ensuring the safety of food and drugs.

Regulates and controls the quality and standards for cosmetics, medical devices, detergents, vaccines, chemicals and pesticides, agrochemicals, veterinary products, herbal preparations, bottled water and related products, imported or manufactured in Nigeria.

Ministry of Drinking Water
and Sanitation
Government of India

Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)

  • Project that allowed the water to be free of solids, feces and meets stringent water quality requirements.

National Water Program Rural Drinking (NRDWP)

  • Provide every person in rural India with adequate potable water for drinking, cooking and other basic household needs in a sustainable manner._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-13 6bad5cf58d_

  • Safe water should be easy and conveniently accessible at all times and in all situations

ministry of drinking water
ministry of defense

Ministry of Defense

Obtain political instructions from the Government on all matters related to defense and security and communicate them for their implementation to the Services Headquarters, Inter-Service Organizations, Production and Research and Development Establishments.

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